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Original Craft Crank

Original Craft Crank

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Original Craft Crank 1170-1300C

Original Craft Crank™ 153-1114

Regarded by many as the best crank clay available, and unsurpassed as a handbuilding clay. The unique blend of fireclays and ball clays produce a pleasant toasted colour in oxidation, whilst the speckled orange-brown under reduction is unrivalled. Carefully graded grog additions to a superb blend of clays makes this clay outstanding for all larger forms of slabbing and handbuilding. The unique plasticity of the clay enables the more adventurous potter to throw with it.

  • Recommended Firing Range 1170-1300C (Cone 5-12)
  • Indicative texture 8 (Smooth 1-Coarse 10).
  • Indicative % Total Contraction @ 1100C/1200C 9%*
  • 'Toasting' occurs in the firing when the soluble salts in the body combine with the iron content at higher temperatures. This toasting is more pronounced in thicker section ware which has been dried slowly and fired to a higher temperature.
  • Standard full bag size 12.5Kg
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