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Burnished Steel - 118ml

Burnished Steel - 118ml

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Mayco Elements Brush-On Glaze: Burnished Steel 118ml

Cone 06: Burnished Steel is a matte, metallic dark gray glaze.

Cone 6: colour changes to a metallic black that breaks over texture and pools a flat metallic gray. Enhanced mobility. Surface issues may occur.

TIP: This glaze WILL move. Take care when using on vertical pieces reduce glaze thickness towards the bottom third to minimize run-off.

Inspired by aspects of nature, Elements™ and Elements™ Chunkies produce lush, organic, and earthy hues. Designed to simulate the look of mid-range glazes but in a low-fire firing. May be used for all over coverage or in design, used alone or in combination with other Mayco glazes.

  • Mayco Elements simulate the aesthetic of high fire pottery at cone 06 temperatures.
  • The level of variegation exhibited by the glaze is influenced by factors such as number of coats applied, combinations with other glazes, surface textures on the clay body and firing temperatures
  • The palette of natural earth tones will produce semi-glossy to matte finishes
  • Non-toxic and food safe
  • Fires to cone 06 - 04 (999 - 1060C)
  • 4oz/118ml jar
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