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Cordovan 473ml

Cordovan 473ml

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  • Mayco Stoneware Brush-On: Cordovan 473ml

    • Cone 6: Cordovan develops a deep, burgundy red color with a semi-gloss surface when fired to cone 5 or 6. Cordovan produces a brick or iron red on white and red midrange clay bodies.
    • Cone 10: Color changes to a dark metallic gray with copper/black mottling.
    • Two coats should be plenty to get deep red, opaque coverage; light glazers may need to add a third coat.
    • Also available in dry format 2SD128-5

    Stoneware classic glazes offer the depth, sophistication and reliability to artists working from mid-range to high-fire temperatures. Many glazes will break over textures, revealing secondary colors and shades. Used alone, stoneware glazes produce beautiful color variations. One coat will allow the clay body to show through the glaze and two to three coats deeper the color. The choice of clay body, thickness of glaze application, firing process and temperature will affect the fired finish.

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